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Qualified Teachers

  • We have a team of dedicated teachers, including practitioners like speech and language experts, music and dance teachers, yoga master and special support assistants.

  • Our staff selection committee makes sure we acquire the right kind of teachers.

  • This ensures that we have the best teachers teaching your children.
  • Quality Education

  • We constantly strive to make learning and teaching an enjoyable one, through use of smart boards.

  • Activity based learning forms the priority of our teaching techniques.

  • Intelligence plus character is true education, to make education a holistic one we conduct regular value education classes.
  • Infrastructre

  • State of the Art - Classrooms with Smart boards.
  • A Well equipped library with 4500 books.
  • Computer laboratory to enhance hands on training.
  • Mathematics laboratory to verify and discover Mathematical concepts.
  • Kids Activity Room to foster inner security and sense of order in children.
  • Science labs-Physics, Chemistry & Biology to provide first hand expertise.
  • Co-Curricular Activities

  • Karate & Silambam

  • Western & Classical Dance

  • Skating

  • Keyboard

  • Chess, Carrom & Table Tennis

  • Vocal Music

  • Cricket, Football, Kabaddi, Kho-Kho & Traditional Games

  • Welcome to Raaja Rajan CBSE School

  • The choice of school is one of the significant decisions that discerning parents / guardians have to make.

  • We are glad that you have chosen ‘Shree Raaja Rajan CBSE School’.

  • we run with one unswerving intent: “Empowering children through quality education and promoting manifestation of children's innate potentialities so that they will emerge as competent, confident, creative and constructive personalities” by providing congenial and conducive learning environment. Through child-friendly activities we have helped children to be humane with Emotional intelligence.

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    What We Offer

    The school provides hygienic, nutritious fruits and grains prescribed by a dietician, so as to given all the necessary nutrients for the growing children.

    Safety First

    Bio-Metric attendance system for all students and teachers.


    The school buses runs with a speed governors and GPS system.

    Certified Teachers

    Special spoken coaching for English by Anglo-Indian staffs.

    Enjoyable Learning

    Activity based learning forms the priority of our teaching techniques. Intelligence plus character is true education.

    Fun day

    All extracurricular and project related activities are practiced and promoted every Saturday.

    Sports Facilities

    Special training for Cricket, Kabaddi & Kho-Kho.

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