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Academic Facilities

Shree Raaja Rajan School boasts of some of the best academic facilities to give its students the utmost support to learn in the best way possible. We have taken every care that the latest technology is being used to provide students with real life experience. Hence smart classes have been made on integral part of teaching at the school. Some of the facilities which the school has implemented to make learning an interesting experience are mentioned below:

  • Smart Classes
  • School Library
  • Science Labs
  • Computer Labs
  • Sports Facilities

    At Shree Raaja Rajan School sports and games form is an integral and compulsory part of the education process. Sports help to build character and teach the importance of discipline in life. It inculcates a respect for rules and allows the participants to learn the value of self–control.


  • Volley ball court
  • A standard Tennis court
  • Facility for Skating
  • Kho-kho courts
  • Kabadi court
  • Indoor

    Sports complex: Includes facilities for indoor activities like Table Tennis, Carrom, Chess, Martial Arts and Yoga. Apart from the regular school sports schedule, traditional sports trainings give the students ample opportunity to hone their skills.

  • Sports Facilities

    Shree Raaja Rajan School has an excellent fleet of buses covering the entire district of Sivagangai with convenient designated stops for picking students. Every bus has a care taker to ensure proper discipline and safety of the students. The fleet encompass with the required speed control and also in the process of making more enhanced and vigilant steps.