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About us

Shree RaajaRajan CBSE School is a non-profit, non-proprietary, service institution, widely recognized for the progressive approach, commitment to excellence and leading to upward mobility of the society. This school is run by Shri Muthumari Charitable and Educational Trust founded by Smt. Rm. Alamelu in 2005 under the dynamic and inspiring leadership of our chairman & Managing Trustee shri M. Periyasamy, Secretary Mr.V.Muthuramalingam. The School is located in the vicinity of karaikudi town. The school has fully furnished classrooms with audio - visual devices suitable for the child learning.

The list of educational institutions belonging to our management:
1. Sri RaajaRaajan College of Engineering and Technology Amaravathipudur, Karaikudi
2. Sri RaajaRaajan College of Education for Women Amaravathipudur, Karaikudi
3. Sri RaajaRaajan College of Education (Co-Educational) Karaikudi
4. Shree RaajaRajan (CBSE) School Amaravathipudur, Karaikudi

VISION: Empowering children through quality education and promoting manifestation of children's innate potentialities so that they will emerge as competent, confident, creative and constructive personalities.

MISSION: Achieving empowerment by providing congenial and conducive learning environment through child-friendly activities that help in fostering physical, intellectual, emotional, social and moral growth of children.

MOTTO: "EMPOWERMENT THROUGH EDUCATION" STRATEGY Of all the creations of God, Children are the most wonderful. For us educating is parenting. Since each child is a unique individual born with instincts, reflexes and potentialities they should be developed in such a manner that all children actualize their potentialities to the fullest in socially acceptable ways. Play is the way the child learns. Therefore our strategy is to channelize the childs quest for play by providing opportunities to imitate, question, explore and experiment which promote their learning skills and cognitive competencies.